High Performance Anion Exchange Chromatography

High Performance Anion Exchange Chromatography-Pulsed Amperometric Detection (HPAEC-PAD) is a sensitive, fast, accurate and precise method for quantification of monosaccharides/sialic acids from glycoproteins.

  • HPAEC-PAD is also excellent for quantification of phosphorylated monosaccharides (e.g. mannose-1-phosphate, mannose-6-phosphate, glucose-1-phosphate, glucose-6-phosphate), disaccharides and trisaccharides and for separation, profiling and isolation of oligosaccharides.
  • HPAEC can be interfaced with a UV detector for quantification of nucleotide sugars or with a conductivity detector for determination of inorganic salts such as sulfate, phosphate, fluoride, chloride, nitrate and nitrite.

The CCRC Analytical Services Laboratory has two (2) units of DIONEX ICS 3000 chromatography system, which can be fitted with various columns depending on specific analysis.

HPAEC High Performance Anion Exchange Chromatography