• Full characterization of a target protein’s glycosylation includes N– and O-glycoform structures, mapping of glycosylation sites and extent of glycosylation at each site.
  • Analysis of peptides and glycopeptides produced following protease digestion is readily achieved by LC-ESI-MS/MS or nano-LC-NSI-MS/MS with the CCRC Analytical Service’s Thermo LTQ- Fusion Tribid and LTQ-Velos instrumentation.
  • Electron transfer dissociation (ETD) and high collision dissociation (HCD) fragmentation capabilities enhance glycopeptide analysis and site of glycosylation studies.
  • While most glycopeptide analyses are completed by manual data interpretation, numerous software such as Thermo Proteome Discoverer™ and Protein Metric’s Byonic ™ are used supplementary for our data analysis.