Glycosaminoglycans MS NMR

  • Mass spectrometry: MS technique provides detection and identification of disaccharides and sulfation patterns; sequencing of GAG oligosaccharides; detection and identification of the oligosaccharides terminating with 1,6-anhydro GlcNH2, 1,6-anhydro ManNH2 or 2,5-anhydro mannitol.
  • One-dimensional NMR: Proton and carbon spectra provide overall chemical composition of polysaccharides and spectroscopic fingerprints of GAG oligosaccharides.
  • Two-dimensional NMR: HSQC spectrum provides the ratio information of glucosamine to mannosamine (A/M) as well as the ratio of iduronic acid to glucuronic acid (I/G) of GAGs, such as heparin sodium, desulfated heparin sodium and LMWHs.